In this part, you’ll learn how to set up the Facebook advertising account. You’ll also understand all the crucial information you need to know about the account. That includes how to handle permissions, seeing and adjusting the spending limit, and other valuable information that could help you to control a smarter advertising campaign.

Don’t worry – there’s nothing too hard here. Just study that period carefully, even if you already have some experience stare in the Facebook Ads Manager. It’s really important to appreciate the way Facebook manages agreements between Pages, Apps, Functions, with Broadcast, along with the control the credit is subject to.


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Ok, let’s improve the basic credit card near your Facebook Advertising account. As you start advertising more and more, we suggest you to also add a secondary payment method. This way, should your top card expire, touch the monthly limit, otherwise become blocked for what mind, the advertising will not stop being transported to potential buyers.

If your primary card billing fails, all the campaigns will be immediately paused until you give the outstanding balance. You’ll have to personally restart them individually. This is a tedious task if you’re going several campaigns. If you have a secondary payment method set up, Facebook will begin check the secondary reasoning along with anything will keep working smoothly.

To attach your stock source, click “Payment System” on the go menu, right under “Law”. For the monitor page, you’ll see that you have no support source yet. Let’s put one with press the “Swell Another Payment System” around the major permission of the site.

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You can retrieve the Payment Methods side to revise your support sources if you still have to make a difference. As you can see, there are links near each mine which create anyone the alternative to produce that the basic billing well or erase it. You can certainly delete your first cause, so you’ll should get another solution your first source or removing the current primary payment method.
How and when are you billed?

Facebook recently changed how you get billed to make this much more user friendly with less common. Your top funding source will be billed each time you touch a certain amount threshold. How much this threshold varies according to the list history.

This threshold will be fairly small when you head start advertising (usually $25), and you’ll be billed when people spend $25 in Facebook Ads. As you keep spending and your payments are exactly processed, the patience will be automatically improved to $50, $250, $500, and finally, $750.

These thresholds don’t take any direct effect on the market campaigns; they merely influence how frequently you’ll be cost. The older advantage of having a great tolerance is which you’ll have to deal with fewer invoices. If you want to improve your threshold otherwise have difficulty with billing you can contact Facebook support.

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